We are stocking huge amount of Merbau Timber in all sizes to suit your any size of project. Merbau is an imported hardwood decking variety, originating from Indonesia. It is also a DAR decking board with a reeded top surface, and is available in 90mm wide boards as well as 140mm wide. Merbau is an exceptionally well performing decking board with a density rating of 850, a toughness rating of M and a durability class of 2. It is a deep red brown colour, and is subject to some initial tannin bleed when first unpacked. Our Merbau is a beautiful rich brown colour. It has an excellent depth of grain and is a very durable timber that will last many years. it also has one of the highest natural resilience to pest and fire.

The Top Reasons Why Merbau (Kwila) is Used for Outdoor Constructions

It’s Quite Durable

Merbau is known for its durability.

Incidentally, this durability is attributable to its natural oils, which allows it to endure harsh temperatures and climates, saltwater and other extreme conditions. Of course, this means that it can withstand outdoor use as well. In fact, you can place Kwila furniture pieces outdoors, on a permanent basis.

It is Naturally Resistant Against Splitting or Cracking

Merbau is quite an oily timber. Accordingly, this is what makes it quite efficient for outdoor furniture pieces.

Tannin, Kwila’s natural oil, actually helps prevent the timber from cracking or splitting. This is what gives it that added strength, which in turn, can result to greater usability and durability for outdoor use.

Note: Tannin is also the component that protects Merbau timber from saltwater and rainwater and is also the one that helps in controlling shrinkage.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

The maintenance procedures that Kwila undertakes will usually depend on the conditions it will be exposed to. However, be assured that this type of hardwood, in light of its inherent qualities, will merely require minimum maintenance. In fact, some may even consider it as maintenance-free.

It Can Be Used for Various Purposes

Due to Merbau’s undeniable features, this type of hardwood is used for the following:

• To build boats

• As flooring materials

• For marine jetties

• As component for decks

• Staircases

• And many other uses

Indeed, Merbau or Kwila is more than just a wooden material. It can bring more than many benefits for your home improvement projects and that includes the outdoor structures that you may be planning to install.



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