A Premium Range of Treated Pine Pailing Fence in Melbourne

Want to create the perfect fencing system?
At Sunrays Timber & Hardware, we bring you the finest treated pine pailing fence in Melbourne to beautifully complement your space. Functional and attractive, the pailing fence panels ensure good air circulation while serving as a decorative feature. Visit us today to discover the amazing options that we have for you.

Leading Fence Pailing Suppliers in Melbourne

As an experienced fence pailing supplier in Melbourne, we can provide treated pine in a range of sizes. We are home to a huge range of treated pine paling options to cater to your precise needs. Crafted to perfectly suit the natural look of your garden, our products are built to last.

Treated Pine Pailing Fence Melbourne

Not only do they make an attractive addition to your space but they also enable you to use it in the best possible way. From serving as a design feature to securing your property, our fencing options are versatile and offer wide possibilities. Border or create a divide across your garden today with our treated pine pailing options.

It is our goal to help you create a fencing system just the way you envisioned. Whatever be your need, we are well-equipped to offer the most appropriate product that transforms your garden into a distinct space. Visit us to explore the options and find one that gives your garden the perfect finish.

Know more about timber paling fence prices in Melbourne

Whether you want a fence that elegantly borders your garden or one that creates partitions, we can help you out with the best product. Our treated pine and timber fencing options are reasonably priced and can keep your garden looking its best. We have a wealth of experience and will be happy to answer all your questions. In case you have a doubt or wish to know more about the fence pailing options that we have for you, get in touch with us. Visit or call us to know more.

Treated Pine Timber Paling Fencing Package 1.65m – $25.00

Treated Pine Timber Paling Fencing Package 1.8m – $28.00

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